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Custom installation in a school on the periphery of Yaoundé

Our team of technicians went to a school in the periphery of Yaoundé in order to carry out a C&I installation.


The Cameroonian territory is subject to frequent electricity cuts due to load shedding which plunges millions of Cameroonians into total darkness. Unfortunately, institutions such as health centers or schools are not exempt from the rule. It is only once on the spot that our technicians really realized the difficult daily life of the students, but also of the teachers who, because of the frequent lack of electricity, do not have access to all the tools to teach in the best possible way.




Direct impact following installation.

Even before the installation, excitement and impatience were on the side of the teachers, but also on the side of the students who had only one desire, that of studying in the best conditions. The impact of the installation on the life of the school was immediate. In order to train the students in the best possible way, the school had invested in several computers, but they were mostly unusable due to the frequent lack of electricity in the region. Since the installation, the students have regular access to computers and can improve their knowledge in the best possible way. According to Donald Nto’o, Solarly’s technical manager, this new installation will allow the school to reduce its electricity consumption and therefore pay less at the end of each month.