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The Finexpo project is launched!

We’ve been telling you about it for a while: the Finexpo project consists of installing nearly 400 SolarlyBox in 200 health centres throughout Cameroon. Belgium is the initiator of this project and it is through its Finexpo agency that it is financing the equipment and the installation.

Follow-up of the Finexpo project


SolarlyBox delivered


health centres


SolarlyBox installed

Electricity for lighting

The solar power plants will ensure a supply of electricity when the operators cut off and provide access to electricity in areas not connected to the grid.

Initially, this electricity will be used for lighting. Indeed, in several centres, doctors explain that night interventions (for example, deliveries) are carried out with a torch in their mouths!

More than 100 SolarlyBoxes already delivered

The first dozen boxes have been sent to the East and our technicians are working to install them as soon as possible.

Another series of SolarlyBox has arrived in the health centres of the Central Province. In particular, the district hospital in Sa’a has been equipped with 6 systems. The installation went very well and the doctors were grateful for the electrification with solar technology. With one installation per building, the solar power plants can light up almost the entire hospital. This light will allow the health professionals to take care of their patients in the best conditions.

Electricity to connect medical instruments

In addition to the lighting, which will really make their work easier and more efficient, the doctors already have other ideas for use. They plan to connect their microscopes for research, their computers to make administration easier and their ultrasound machines to make it easier to accompany mothers. It’s great to see the enthusiasm of the users for the system. We can’t wait to see the positive impact these boxes will have on hospital life!