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The journey of a SolarlyBox

Discover the key steps to install a SolarlyBox in your home and enjoy all the benefits that solar energy can bring.

1. Assembly in Belgium

Our SolarlyBoxes are designed and assembled by our technical team in Belgium. We attach great importance to the quality of the materials we use in order to obtain a reliable product, which lasts in time. All boxes are tested and approved by our technical director, Michel.

2. Heading to Cameroon

If they pass all the tests, the SolarlyBoxes are sent to our warehouses in Yaoundé and Batouri, Cameroon, ready to be installed in a home, health centre, school or business.


3. Choosing is not renouncing

There are many reasons to acquire a SolarlyBox: you are not connected to the grid, you regularly suffer from power cuts, you wish to offer more comfort to your family, equip your restaurant or any other business… We understand you, and that is why we offer you several possibilities, depending on your real needs. But we also know that your needs evolve over time and you will always have the possibility to increase the energy capacity of your solar station without having to buy a new one. There are also many 12-volt accessories that you can connect to your box, such as a television, a refrigerator, a sewing machine or a woofer… Want to know more? Check out our solution page or contact us!

How to pay?

To facilitate the acquisition of a SolarlyBox, we offer you payment plans adapted to your financial capacities via mobile payments (Pay As You Go). This way, you can benefit immediately from the energy and develop for example income generating activities that will facilitate the repayment of the SolarlyBox. See our FAQ for more information.

4. Customised installation

After consulting with one of our experts, you have chosen your SolarlyBox and a technician from your area will come to install the station at your home. Each Solarly technician receives extensive training in electricity, solar energy and installations, so that we can offer you a tailor-made installation and the best possible solar energy experience.

Before we start, we do a final quality check to make sure everything is working properly. Then our technicians go up to your roof to install the solar panels and carry out the customised installation of the various cables, paying great attention to aesthetics and avoiding dangling cables.

5. We stay together

Once everything is installed, we want to make sure that everyone can use the SolarlyBox in the most optimal way and enjoy all its benefits. We provide you with a user manual and explain in detail how the SolarlyBox works and how to use it properly.

Afterwards, we stay by your side and offer you an unmatched after-sales service. Thanks to the SIM card integrated in the SolarlyBox, our technical team is able to follow your installation, to give you advices for a more efficient use and of course to help you at the slightest problem. And all this from a distance.


Check out our FAQ or contact us.

Solarly to you!